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Little Athletics Program for Schools (LAPS)

Through LAPS, Little Athletics Tasmania aims to deliver an outstanding educational athletic program that provides a high quality experience to every participant.

The children involved will develop basic running, jumping and throwing skills by participating in highly active sessions.  Approved Little Athletics Tasmania Development Officers will present the program to the students.

Our qualified presenters travel to schools and coach students in a variety of track and field events including –

Shot Put
Long Jump
High Jump

Which event, and the number of events to be coached is up to the individual school.  LAPS is a flexible program so that we can cater for every school’s needs.  Presenters can visit the school for a one-off session, or a program of sessions over two or three weeks, subject to availability.

The focus is on group participation, team moral and lots of fun activities.

At the end of the school coaching program, all students will receive a Certificate of Participation and a small giveaway.  In addition, information will be provided on how they join their local Little Athletics Centre.

LAPS Booking Form 2022-23

LAPS Guidelines for School 2022-23

For additional information, please contact the Little Athletics Office on 1300 888 713 or email