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State Individual Championships

State Individual Championships
Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th March 2023, 9.00am – 4.00pm
Northern Athletics Centre, Launceston

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Day 1 – Saturday 11th March 2023
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Day 2 – Sunday 12th March 2023
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Provisional State Lists
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Qualifying conditions for participation in the 2023 LATas State Individual Championships are:

Conditions of Entry

  • All athletes must be registered with Little Athletics Tasmania to compete.
  • To enter an event at the State Individual Championships, athletes must have recorded a valid performance in the nominated events within the Qualification Period.
  • The Qualification Period is from September 1 of the season until 12 days before the event.
  • Eligible results must be recorded in ResultsHQ and be available within the Qualification Period.
  • Under 8 – Under 13 athletes may automatically qualify for a quota place by achieving the automatic (A) qualifying standard for the event on at least one occasion during the Qualifying Period.
  • There is no quota for the Under 14 and Under 15 events, however a minimum standard applies to some events.
  • There is no quota or minimum standard for AWD classified athletes. Athletes wishing to compete in AWD events at State Individual Championships must have at least provisional classification provided by either Athletics Australia or the relevant organisation relating to their disability.
  • Eligible athletes will be automatically invited through ResultsHQ and athletes must accept this invitation to enter and pay the associated fee per event by the closing date.
  • At the close of entries, the remaining quota places will be filled by comparing the best performances of all athletes that have entered the event, with the next performances gaining a quota place, providing the minimum standard is met. These are “B” round nominations.
  • Where multiple second round distances/times are equal (for example common in high jump), the Competition Director MAY extend the quota beyond the recommended number, otherwise all equal athletes will be ineligible.

Qualifying Standards used to assess State Individual Championship entry are available HERE

Minimum Standards

  • Minimum standards apply in high jump, 1500m, 800m, walks, triple jump, long jump and hurdles to ensure the safety of athletes and the timely completion of events.
  • Minimum standards apply to second round invitations.

  • High Jump: These are the starting heights for State Individual Championships, which will also serve as the minimum standard for high jump.

  • Recommended maximum quotas for Under 8 – Under 13 events