State Championships – Event List & Officials Details


Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March 2021

Domain Athletics Centre, Hobart

Please find below the Event Listings and Officials for Saturday and Sunday this weekend for our State Individual Championships.  Please note that the event order is subject to change but the following guarantees are in place:

  • Saturday – no event from Event 67 onwards (start of 400m Finals) will be called any earlier than 12noon unless we are certain that all athletes are present.
  • Sunday – no event from Event 63 onwards (start of 200m Heats) will be called any earlier than 11am unless we are certain that all athletes are present.

If you have been rostered on for a duty (Field, Track or Admin), please ensure the following:

  • That you will be present for your duty.
  • That you are comfortable doing the duty assigned to you.
  • If rostered as a Chief Official, that you have been rostered onto an event that your child(ren) is/are not competing in.

If you need to make any changes to your assigned duty, it would be appreciated if you could arrange a swap with someone else or through your Centre and then advise me of the change.  If you can’t arrange a swap from within your Centre or you would like clarification of what your duty entails, then please contact me on 0408 127 386 or

If anyone has any teenagers attending that aren’t competing and would be willing to help out as an Admin Runner on Saturday (taking copies of results from admin to presentation area and finals lists from admin to start marshals) then please let us know.

Please advise of any requested changes prior to 9am Friday morning as we will be printing final paperwork then.

Contact Brett Johnstone if you have any questions at 

Sat Admin and General Officials  – Sat Event Listing and Field OfficialsSat Track Officials

Sun Admin and General OfficialsSun Event Listing and Field OfficialsSun Track Officials

Attached is a summary of the current status of all entry requests (apart from AWD entries – see note below) for all athletes from each Centre.  All entry requests should fit into 4 categories:

  • “Fully Qualified” – this indicates that the entry had at least 2 qualifiers and therefore entry to the event has been granted.
  • “Supplementary entry granted” – this indicates that the athlete didn’t have 2 qualifiers but has still been granted entry to the event on the basis of the average of their 2 best results.
  • “Supplementary NOT granted” – this indicates that the athlete did not have 2 qualifiers and was, unfortunately, unable to gain entry to the event on the basis of an average of their 2 best results.  These athletes are now on a “Stand By” List should any other athletes withdraw and a place becomes available.
  • An event is not listed – this is either because an athlete has not entered that event or they haven’t competed in that event twice in the current season and therefore they are ineligible to be considered for entry.

Note that entries were assessed using results from the SLAM data sent to me from Centres rather than the results entered in the online entries (as the SLAM results are effectively verified results).  Please also note that only results from Little Athletics Tasmania sanctioned meetings (State Meets, Centre Meets etc) can be used.

Please check the entry status for each of your requested events and if you have any queries or see any errors, please feel free to email me ( or call me (0408 127 386) and I can double check the entry or provide further explanation.

AWD Entries are not on the Centre lists but all AWD entries are confirmed.  AWD events will be held Saturday morning with presentations around lunch time.  For those that have requested entry to the AWD event, you will receive a confirmation email shortly.  I will be working on the event schedule tonight/tomorrow so hope to have that out sometime on Monday.

Entry Summary by Centre

Burnie Entry Summary – Circular Head Entry Summary – Clarence Entry Summary

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East Derwent Entry SummaryHobart Districts Entry SummaryHuon Valley Entry Summary

Kingborough Entry SummaryLongford Districts Entry SummaryLaunceston Entry Summary

North East Entry SummaryNorth Launceston – White City Entry Summary  – Queenborough Entry Summary

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